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Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Particles of Time in Their Constant Brownian Motion

Some say that Time
Doesn't really exist but
I see it otherwise --
Each particle of Time being composed
One part Pleiades and the rest pure pixie dust
And likewise being possessed of properties
Just like any other physical element --
A particle of Time may be
Frozen, liquid or gaseous

The Past is fixed or frozen
Constituting Time in its solid state
While fluidity describes its Present condition
(Now being free flowing to say the least)
Whereas the Future floats above all
In the most highly volatile state
Uncontainable in its possibilities

Thus particles of Time pass through 
Their own distinct phases 
Moments come and go
In their Brownian motion
Constantly changing state

As living beings we experience 
Time moving in a linear fashion
But that's merely our projection
Time itself cares not
For such restraint
It goes round and round
At the speed of light
From one phase to another
Each moment or particle
Moving interchangeably
Between all three states

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