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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Signal

To look directly into
The heart of the matter
Isn't that what an artist
Is supposed to do
That's what I learned
From Marissa and that's
What she learned from Allan
Art is a transitive power
That passes from one soul
To another as we learn how
To conduct a proper inquiry
Into the way Nature works


One of the major reasons I'm looking forward to working with Marissa on the Apology podcast next year is because it's a chance for her to explain what she learned from Allan. I mean the podcast will be primarily devoted to telling the story of Allan and the Apology Line. But along with that there is a major subplot, namely Marissa's first hand account of what she learned from Allan. I've seen and learned some of this myself, derivatively that is, through what I have learned watching Marissa herself at work. It's the same sensibility and high sense of purpose applied to her own body of work.

The Signal by Marissa Bridge

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