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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Poem Written in Master Yi's Meditation Hut (by Meng Hao-ran)

Based on the scant biographical information that's available, I've seen no indication that the Tang poet Meng Hao-ran was himself a practicing Buddhist.  But he does seem to have been a fellow traveler and counted a number of Chan monks and masters among his intimate friends.  So this is a meditation poem of an unusual sort - not a first hand account of the meditation experience but a second hand account of watching someone else meditate.  Think of it as the meditation equivalent of second hand smoke -- a bit of inner peace that wafts by from simply watching someone else who is deep in tranquil contemplation.

Master Yi sits
In silent meditation
Enclosed in a hut
A universe in itself
In the empty forest

Outside the door
A lone peak soars
The pathway descends
Into a deep ravine

Sunset is followed
By a drenching rain
The sky darkens as
The yard falls into gloom

Behold the lotus flower
How it remains unsullied
And then you realize the heart
Also remains pure






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