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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Short Walk Around East Lake (with Bai Juyi)

Ah spring time!  When winter comes (as Shelly reminds us) we can't help but think of spring. But when spring finally comes we can think of spring and nothing else! The birds do sing, hey ding a ding ding, and we have no business other than the business of life once again becoming itself.

It should come as no surprise that the great Tang poets wrote some of their finest poems in spring time.  Here's one of my favorites by the great Bai Juyi, which he wrote, no doubt, while taking his favorite stroll around the shores of East Lake in Hangzhou.   As often as we behold the beauty of a spring morning, it's the poet's task to celebrate and remind us of the wonder of it.

Qian Tang Lake in Spring

GuShan Temple to the north
Jia Ting Pavilion to the west
The water’s surface rests peacefully
Although clouds drag their limbs beneath

Scattered about the morning warblers
Strive to find warmth perching among the trees
While the sparrows intently peck and build
Their new homes in the fresh wet earth

Flowers have gradually spread out in abandon
Teasing the eyes with their enchantment
The deep lush grass possesses the talent
 To resist even a prancing horse’s hoof

Walking the shoreline of East Lake somehow
Seems not enough to express this deepest love
Passing through the poplars’ green shade
And the pure white sand of the embankments







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