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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Spring Willow in the Snow

Last night she was
Taken by surprise
In the mid March storm
Already beginning
To grow loose and limber 
But suddenly she found herself
Encrusted with
A thin layer of snow
Diadems of ice clustered
Like blossoms along her
Drooping branches
Sparkling like an
IngĂ©nue’s eyes
At the last ballroom 
Dance of the season

But this morning
She is resplendent
With a green aura 
Though around her base
Still lies the blanket
Of yesterday’s snow
Now in broad daylight
She has sloughed off
Her winter coat
And her long slender
Limbs are already
Aglow with the
Blush of spring

A cloud passing overhead
Is a diminished fifth
To her splendor
Yet taken down a notch
Her hue only deepens
The anticipation and
Bracing freshness
That engulfs the senses

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