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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Something I Learned from My Son

And then there is the invaluable lesson I learned from Daniel - my beloved son - who is preparing to become a troubadour by trade.  It turns out that the very best sandwiches get made by combining two disparate halves - like turkey and salami on top of bar-b-q chicken.  With a layer of cole slaw in between. We discovered this entirely by accident one day while playing around in the kitchen - first we made two different open face sandwiches which Dan on impulse then decided to unite as one.  A brilliant composition - Starry Night between two slices of toasted bread.  But even more, it was a musical mash-up, like covering a Beyonce song through the filter of Kurt Cobain; it's all in the mix, however unlikely it seems. Taken to the extreme, I suppose, even a case for Hawaiian pizza can be made.

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  1. Mustard and watercress on wafer thin white bread drizzled with malt vinegar a cup of Earl Grey tea, so weak it looks like a fly pissed in warm water....?