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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Poem for the Year of the Rooster

I was born in the Year of the Rooster and now I am heading into my sixtieth year.  Among the Tang poets this was generally considered to be a big deal - a real turning point in life,  You can read more about the significance of the Chinese view of the climacteric of the 60th year in a poem by the Immortal Bai Juyi that I previously translated by clicking here.  And if you prefer something in a more contemporary vein, here's a poem I wrote on my walk down to the Creek earlier this evening in celebration of the arrival of Chinese New Year.

Poem for the Year of the Rooster

With one empty print cartridge
In my pocket and a light blue pen
In my hand

By such means I have catapulted
Myself into nothingness toot suite
I hear the morning doves calling
To me well nigh
Into the evening

In a lowering sky
My mood is exalted
Standing on the backside
Of the extremity
While again the sap stirs
Not yet ready to rise

One Dead End sign
Behind me and one
Right by my side
Yet another out past
The horizon line no longer
A mere metaphor perhaps but
Now fully cognizant
Of the landscape's
Inescapable meaning

As time's inelastic
Demand curve traces
The creek's eastern shoreline
Before opening up
In a parabolic function
Past the osprey nest
Out towards the inlet
Which really is more
An outlet to the sea

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