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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The King of the Trolls from Queens

Actors and poets 
And all of good will
Shakespeare got it all wrong
When he said first we’ll kill
All the lawyers
Donald’s got other ideas
So you better listen up
And pay careful mind
Let no one dare step
On Donald’s lines

If it's not Rosie
This week it's Hamilton next
Let's grate on America's nerves again 
Making theater a safe and special place
With another feud from fearless Trump
No more a melting pot nation but
Instead a chaffing dish state
As we the people keep warm
Through endless friction
And drummed up hate
Between plebes and celebs
And our would-be potentate

Not exactly reared
In the John F. Kennedy
School of Governance
Much more in the vein
Of his mentor Vince McMahon
Or like other Dons before him
From Brooklyn and Queens
All it takes is one dirty tweet
To know exactly what he means
That’s the way it always is with
Our King of the Trolls from Queens

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