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Monday, September 5, 2016

Ode to a Nova Scotia Meadow

Over and over
My mind reverts to
The Nova Scotia meadow
The open repository for
Summer’s fading glory
Where swaths of goldenrod rise
Amidst clusters of hay
And the birch saplings
Shiver interspersed

Gracefully swaying
The stalks bow in prayer
As the breeze coming
From far offshore
Plays an Aeolian air
Inviting to the kestrel’s eye
As it swoops down
For a closer look
Here the prime meridian
Remains fluid yet

Stop and listen
To the meadow
Teeming with life
Of cicadas and crickets
And a thousand other winged critters
Unleashed upon the brambles
Of the blackberry bush
Pulsing but unseen
As every sere thistle and vine
Strains for the remnants
Of the late August sun


  1. Sounds pretty great! Lovely vivid images. Karin Gustafson-- Manicddaily on Wordpress. Hope all well with you, Joe, and congrats on book!

  2. Thanks so much Karin - a real labor of love this one, Monkey King being my number one favorite book of all time. As a translator it's great to be able to tout your next book that way!