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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time Made Visible in the Transport of Shadows Passing Across a Van in Front

A balmy November day 
The scraggly oaks
Have been stripped bare 
Long before now so 
As we're driving
Down Montauk Highway
Their shadows scroll by
On the back of the Cor J
Delivery truck just in front

But on the ground
They're fixed in place
More or less or
Only moving at the sun's
Sluggish pace

So you can read your speed
By the rate the shadows pass
Across the back of the van

But don't take your
Eyes off the road
Or otherwise you
Might run aground
In some ditch
Instead of 
Enjoying the 
Display of Time (equal
to Rate divided by Distance)
Rushing by right
In front of your eyes 

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