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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lampoetry: Our New Mission Statement

I've been contemplating a redesign and relaunch of some of my various web publishing projects.  The basic idea is to roll together a few separate efforts into a more unified presentation or platform.  My goal in doing so is to find a way to better integrate my own poetry (which I typically publish on this blog) with my translations of Chinese poetry (which I typically publish on the Tang Spirit site).

I've already started moving in this direction by posting my translations on this blog with increasing frequency.  I'm encouraged by the initial response.  But I would like this effort to be more comprehensive and less haphazard.  At least as far as I'm concerned there is considerable thematic (and sometimes stylistic) overlap between my translations and my own writing, and I hope readers who are interested in the one may likewise be interested in the other.  At least that's the theory of the case and the logic underlying the web designer's creative brief. 

Here's a poem I wrote last night that may serve as something of a mission statement for the redesign effort I hope will soon commence: 

Lampoetry: Our New Mission Statement

Admittedly there’s a vast range
Along the spectrum of idiocy
From sublime to ridiculous
When it comes to social media
Literacy (and au contraire)
And along that spectrum
I inhabit my own singular frequency
Right here, right smack
In the middle of the dial only
A stone's throw from the Omphalos
At Lampoetry.com

That being the least worst place
I have found thus far
Where I can best express myself
Yet remain in full possession of my audience
A hack sometimes, a neo-realist Daoist theorist
At others, as it were, a self-publisher extraordinaire
In the grand tradition of Tang poetry 
And crackpot American verse

Happily exploiting the overlapping terrain
Between copyright and birthright
That being the only ground
I have yet found fertile enough
For continued ploughing and sowing
And ultimately the ground
Of most enduring worth

*  *  *  *

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