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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Poem for My Father

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February 5th, 2012

It's because of you Dad 
That I feel compelled
To continue concocting 
Plausible explanations
For the absurdities of life
Even though we both know
There will never be enough
To address the substantial
Balance still outstanding

Spending time among men
So indeterminate of fate
Some darling some not
I've learned to find
Behind so many
A would be Hemingway
There stands a similarly
Murky Oedipal plot
And with fathers such as we are
Crystal clear as to intent
But cryptic as to meaning
A glass ever near at hand
Yet utterly silent
As to whatever it is or was
We are fleeing or feeling

Thus I came to possess
But a slender thread of wisdom
About navigating through
The choppy seas of life
By taking good reckoning
Of the prevailing winds 
Before turning back 
To confront the demons
Imaginary though they may be --
Turning back face into the wind
Is the only way to be rid
Of those demons for sure

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