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Monday, May 11, 2015

Ode To A World We May Not Have Lost After All

Nietzsche tweets
And Zarathustra speaks
Thusly: The Word is dead
Long live the word!
I don’t think I’ve ever
Heard anything more
Absurd in my life
And yet that’s exactly
The way it goes lately

Why just the other day 
A young man
On the street corner
Explained he was in the grip
Of an intense though perfectly rational fear
About how ever since 1997 the storyline
At Marvel Comics has been
Spinning out of control
With parallel universes
Coming and going
With abandon
So fast it’s impossible
To keep track

And only now I realize
That’s exactly the way
I’m starting to feel
Though not about Marvel
But about the myriad
Strange creatures and myths
Populating my own storyline

The center holds onto
What exactly?
The extremities I suppose
And what do the extremities
Hold onto when they're not
Sleeping or otherwise indisposed?

Here we've all been living in the grip
Of the poet's most powerful illusion
That one day things were otherwise
That order once prevailed
But it's always been the same
As far as I can tell
It's always been a mug's game
For king and pauper alike
We just make the rules up
As merrily or not verily
We keep rolling along 

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