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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How Reality May be Comparable to A Downloadable App

As the cable box whirred
Lowering me down
The elevator shaft
It occurred to me
That reality itself
Has been reduced
To little more than
A downloadable app

Subject to constant
Revision and rebranding
And to some higher form
Of corporate control perhaps
My life sometimes feels
Like nothing more or less
Than a downloadable app

Yet no matter 
How fine the resolution 
On the handset may get
The avatar and the Atman
Both remain a little fuzzy
Around the edges
If you know what I mean

And it's not just my age
Which makes no difference
In point of fact
Because pretty soon
Everything starts getting blurry
Around the edges and otherwise
That's just the way it is
When life has become
Nothing more than
A downloadable app

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