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Friday, July 19, 2013

Poem written in midsummer in the late afternoon

Among the many reasons
I’m glad Marissa secured
Her appointment
As gardener-in-chief
This year the primary one
Being that her highly developed
Organizational skills
Have proved decisive
In the abatement of chaos
Within the backyard forty

We’re in the midst
Of achieving great new things
Breaking various bad habits
Thinking about raised beds
And experiencing record growth
Under the new regime
Of both edible and
Decorative plants

So the summer passes
With periods of searing heat
Intermixed with short but
Intense bouts of anxiety
And self-doubt  
Hot as it was today
Even the grass heaves
A sigh of relief now
That it’s come around  
To the late afternoon
And the aperture of coolness
Dilates with evening's approach

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