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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Moment of Vast Richness

The key 
To a treasure room
Is never easy
You forget
What it is
You’re looking for

But suddenly
There it was today
And it just happened
To be one of those days
When I remembered
Which key might fit
Into which door

I was in a CVS
Drugstore in fact
By the cash register
Suffering from
A bad head cold
When I found
The very thing
I was looking for -
A package
Of Kleenex
For the long subway ride
I had to take
Out to Brownsville 

But the plastic wrapped
Package cost ten wipes
For a dollar or
Ten cents per tissue
And I felt poor indeed
As if I could barely afford
To blow my nose

And then
I remembered
What I’d intuited before
About fabulous
Wealth – that it would
Only arrive for me
With the moment
When money itself
Had become 
All but worthless

And I realized
Well here I am
Well on my way
To attaining such
A vast Net Worth

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