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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ode to the 14th Green

This morning
As I ambled
Along the course
Of Saucon Creek

I thought how
Wordsworth might
Have penned an ode
Or Longfellow been brought
To tears for love
Of this leafy green

But my only concern
Was to stay clear
Of the foursome
Right then approaching
From the other side
Of the Creek who  
After stopping to take
A few practice swings
Amidst the chorus of
Woodland songbirds
Suddenly commenced
Hacking at the turf with their
Clubs of carbonized steel 

And right then and there
Where the Creek runs slow
Alongside the 14th green
I  saw clearly how
The pristine waters
Bubbled forth with
Unceasing foam
Enriched with the runoff
From Monsanto’s latest
Miracle products and
I couldn’t help but
Shed a poetic tear or two
Beholding this idyll of youth
Thus transformed 
Into an official stop on
The PGA tour

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