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Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Three Times Sprung

Spring this year
Has come much
Like every other
Except this time
As I’ve newly joined
The ranks of the
Unrushed I’ve been able
To savor its blessings
On three separate

First in Denver
With my brother
At the very edge
Of the Great Plains
Where we biked along the Platte
I saw the Aspin bark quiver
A quickening of the spirit
At the mere thought
Of sap beginning to rise

And then walking
With Marissa on Easter Sunday
We beheld the rapture of
The Viburnum wood
Coming again to the Hi-Line
With thick pink clusters that ran
The full length of each tree’s spine
Extending to its outermost limbs
The very living and
Visual proof of the
Virulence of life

And now this evening
On a slow sunset ramble
I’ve traced spring’s lineaments
Along Fourth Neck where
Forsythia and cherry blossoms
Adorn every other front yard

To the early evening bird belongs
This most wonderful of scenes
As the stalks of asparagus
Make their first upthrust and glimmering
And the Star Magnolia blossoms are
Splayed across my neighbor’s front lawn

With Summer may come
Long dry spells and assorted
Other disorders but
So far this is shaping up
To be one hell of a great
Growing season
April has but barely begun
And already this Spring
Three times has sprung

* * * * * * * * *

This is a picture Marissa took with her iPhone while we were walking on the Hi-Line. I think it's a viburnum tree, or so I refer to it in the third stanza.

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