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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Beginning

This is a poem I wrote this afternoon on my way from Pret A Manger into Staples to buy a new notebook. I really like it and may want to use it as I think it might the great beginning of a longer poem.

Like a piece of fruit

At the supermarket

With a bite already

Taken out

This notebook was

Written in before it

Was bought at the

Neighborhood Staples

And thus it starts with

A story already in motion

Before the Poet even had a chance

To make a proper introduction

He must be begging your pardon

For attending to certain

Exigencies first

But Enlightenment comes suddenly

And without warning

And if you happen to be caught


Without a notebook

In your pocket

I can only hope

You will be lucky

To find a Staples close enough at hand

To renew your supplies

Without letting slip

The opportunity

Of writing everything down

Realizing that failure to act quickly

Will doom your next Iliad

To an early oblivion

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