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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Richard Told Me

You know why
There has to be a God

Richard says to me
Sitting in the back
Of Ali’s Deli
On 29th and Sixth

Look at the trillions
Of fish in the sea
And all the rice they grow
Underwater in the paddies
You take all that rice and fish
That comes from underwater
And you have enough for
A very healthy diet
Right there

And don’t forget
You still have
To call back
That Landlord
Down in Atlantic City
And if he asks you
How long I’m gonna stay
You should say
Just as long as he’s welcome
Just to show him that
I can be a very accommodating person
That is accommodating to
His disposition
And you have no idea
Frankly how temperamental
A Landlord’s disposition
Sometimes can be

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