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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peaks Island, Maine

Here I find lingering peace
After the salt-sprayed deck
Of an afternoon ferry ride
Takes me by happenstance
To this distant rocky shore

From dockside to summit
Along a gravel wayside
Proceeds a short steep incline
Leading to an apogee with a perigee
Intimately entwined

Berries cluster then burst
In sweet conflagration of the vine
Earth’s axis of symmetry
Brings the verdant mystery
Into proximity as sublime

On the peak of Peaks Island
Surrender not to passing time
But hold the moment
As perfect recompense
For the long harsh winter
Soon to be endured

Let greater clarity of light
Beget greater clarity of mind
And in one sweep gather up
The entire harbor into
The pinnacle of this moment
In the fleeting-most summer
Of this northerly clime

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